Early childhood is the essential phase of life, when with tender care and caution the seeds of action are sown in a child’s mind. It is the time when a child tends to be highly receptive, inquisitive and keen on keeping himself or herself busy with one thing or the other. It is the time a child is on a perpetual look-out for a very vibrant, colorful environment. It is that innocent phase of pulsating curiosity when chirping birds, bright colors, flowers and animals, music and dance, attract a child more than anything else. And, of course, at this foundational phase of learning life skills, the whole process and procedure is meaningfully delightful at SHIV MODERN SR SEC SCHOOL.

To meet the pre-requisites of early learning, the school organizes multi-purpose activities for the students of classes Pre-School and Pre-Primary keeping in mind their age group, tendencies and interests. These activities include coloring, drawing and painting, fancy dress competitions, rhyme recitation, quiz competitions, collage work, fruit chat making, music, dance and dramatics and other interactive programs. To facilitate physical growth and development of child we have a number of co-curricular activities, such as- Sports, Dance, Skating, Taekwondo, Swimming, Yoga, etc.

Students are adequately exposed to good eating habits, nutritious food, health and hygiene, disadvantages of eating junk food, besides other related issues. Teachers are trained to monitor even the minutest issue, for better understanding and awareness among young scholars.

Keeping pace with the changing times, the school management has taken a leap towards virtual teaching with innovative use of smartboards in all classes. Teaching with the aid of smart boards has revolutionized the whole teaching-learning process according to the needs of the learner. It has been touted as the next wave in the evolution of learning.