The students are introduced to formal schooling. They follow a regular time–table for both scholastic and co-scholastic activities. Their reading, writing, speaking and analytical skills are developed through various activities, like integrating content with e-learning modules and educational videos, helping students acquire knowledge from the unknown to the known and involving them through dialogues, sharing experience through activities which include roleplay, projects, etc. It is at the early primary stage that mathematical concepts are introduced using stickers, blocks, cards, number tags and Abacus Brain Gym exercises. English language skills are enhanced through vocabulary building games like scrabble, word chain, crossword, etc. Environmental Studies is introduced for the first time through activities like nature walks and simple experiments, etc. Stories having a moral lesson which inspires the students to be good human beings are read out and explained in the class.

Primary Education is the foundation of the learning, laid at the formative stage of a child’s life. This age is the most impressionable span of life, when these little learners are adaptive and observant of every activity happening around them in their immediate environment.

At Shiv Modern School, the aim of Primary Education is to provide learners an education system which enables them to enhance their personal development, acquire skills and knowledge. It also allows the students to nurture their deep learning skills such as empathy, creative and critical thinking, self-awareness, problem solving, decision making, coping with emotions, communication and interpersonal skills. This phase of education plays a pivotal role in preparing the learner for study techniques for the Secondary Education.

In the cozy lap of the Primary Wing of SHIV MODERN SCHOOL, learning also encompasses the development of 3Hs-Head- for cognitive development and being logical, Heart-control and development of emotions and feelings, Hands-about practicality, action and physical effect. This way it fosters the all-round development of the learners and empowers them to evolve as confident Global Citizens.