Shiv Modern School is an institution which caters to the overall and comprehensive development of a child. Hence school has always consciously and sincerely endeavored to empower the child with myriad information, to enhance the aptitude of a child, to acquaint the child with the latest changes of the advanced world. Therefore workshops and seminars are organized at regular intervals to help the teachers and students emerge out as more conscious, aware, knowledgeable sensitive individuals. Workshops and seminars are healthy and fruitful interactive sessions which provide excellent platform for exposure, understanding and clarifying views and concepts.

Teachers in SHIV are not preachers but facilitators for the students. Hence adequate care is taken to keep the teachers equipped with effective and transparent knowledge so that they can act as true facilitators. Workshops encompass every arena to ensure progressive development in the child and continuous professional growth in the teacher.

SHIV MODERN SR. SEC. SCHOOL not only promotes and encourages excellence in students but also in teachers. They are kept updated in improving upon their knowledge, teaching methodology etc. by way of Workshops / Seminars etc. Saturdays are the days which are utilized in workshops / seminars for the teachers.

Our teachers are the ones transforming our school and the education we offer to thousands of children and young people. It is our belief that excellent teaching begins with a strong relationship between pupils and teachers.

 The current context in which teachers are working is one of rapid change. All areas pertaining to education have witnessed radical changes in the past decades, with major significance on the role of teachers along with the introduction of new approaches to curriculum and assessment. These changes have evolved new understandings about the interactive nature of the learner’s needs and a shift in focus from ‘what is wrong with the child?’ to ‘what does the pupil need to support his/her learning?’ Our innovative teaching practice has been developed to support the student’s requirements.