Implementation of Value Education :

As per the CCE a child should be well acquainted with a value systems. At SHIV MODERN SCHOOL moral values are taught across all standards, though special emphasis is laid on value education at primary level. Topic like: Love for Family, Helping Others, Bringing Life Style Changes, Striving for Better Life, No Wastage of Food, Eco Buddies, Safety Around, Being Polite, Honesty, Team work, Celebrating Diversity, Nurturing Nature etc. Among the multiple value, the teacher chooses one and reads out a story / case study. The children try to decipher the problem and look for solutions. Moral issues are discussed with the aid of anecdotes. This is further discussed in an open forum.

Physical Education (PE)-

Integrating Physical Education with scholastic for holistic development of students. Linking PE activities to know the principles of movement and understand the impact they have on child development, understand the importance of agility, balance, coordination, speed and strength to the physical development of young children. PE activities are fruitful as they keep the students active for most of the time. Such settings creates a health promoting environment which in turn promotes learning. As a result more emphasis is laid on being physically active and enjoyment of physical activity rather than just winning competitions and excelling.