Online Classes for Academic Session 2020-21

Keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things. Your curiosity will lead you to the path of success.” -Sir Walt Disney

School has been successfully running online/virtual classes April onwards. Both scholastic and co-scholastic teaching-learning is smoothly conducted. It is done on a dual-medium using Google Classroom and Meet, both. This has helped students better their typing skills, which is the need of the hour. One on one video helps in reinforcement and developing inference skills. The presentations and live demonstrations by the teachers have made the virtual teaching impactful. The assignments and information sheets help the children recapitulate and practice concepts at leisure. A three level evaluation takes place to monitor their progress in reading, learning, writing and comprehension. Students are channeled for a research based learning and there is continuous exploration using an interdisciplinary approach. The process of teaching has definitely changed to virtual, but learning remains unchanged and as effective or more.